Is This You …

Do you feel hopeless and yearn for joy and balance in your life?

Soul Light Holistic Healing offers narcissistic relationship abuse counseling and natural energy healing in Princeton, MA. We specialize in narcissistic abuse recovery and working with those who have suffered with emotional abuse and help women who want to heal childhood wounds brought into adulthood, and to overcome physical pain or illness.

Are You Experiencing …

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Grief or loss
  • Pain from an abusive or narcissistic relationship
  • Overwhelm and confusion about your life’s direction
  • Chronic pain or illness

What To Expect

  • Calm the overwhelm and out-of-control emotions
  • Move your life forward to a happier outcome
  • Release childhood trauma that followed you into adulthood
  • Discover the deep inner spiritual truth of who you are
  • Experience deep relaxation and relief from chronic pain

Counseling for Narcissistic Abuse

Working in Princeton, MA, we offer counseling for narcissistic abuse recovery to clients who are in transitions in their life and are looking for a positive, healthy direction. We take a spiritual, holistic approach working with you as a whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Our goal is to bring you into full awareness of who you are in the deepest part of yourself, and to know that you are capable of recovery and healing on all levels through your own inner strength.

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How to Survive Narcissistic Abuse

Discover what you absolutely need to know, and how to deal with each of the five major types of Narcissist.

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