Full Spectrum Life Coach for Women

Soul Light Holistic Healing offers a balanced approach to working with the body, mind, and spirit. We provide natural healing and life coaching for women in Princeton, MA – or remotely anywhere.

Clarifies deep patterns behind your emotions that cause distress.

Supports you in understanding the interconnection of the nature of life.

Release emotional blocks and pain that can cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, physical illness, and disconnection from your spiritual path.

Be supported by an experienced life coach who specializes in women’s issues.

90 minutes $150.00
Package of 3 sessions (recommended) $444.00

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I’m Ready to Shine

What To Expect

  • Overcome narcissistic and abusive relationships

  • Develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being

  • Create a balanced life

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Release anxiety and exhaustion from emotional blocks

  • Open up the prospect of finding real inner happiness

  • Release physical, mental, emotional, and energetic restriction


“The holistic coaching and energy treatments Diane provides are highly effective for treating anxiety as well as physical pain. I recommend her services for anyone struggling with these ailments for relaxation and relief of symptoms that make the day-to-day difficult. She helped me tremendously.”

Kristen E.

“Diane is a very dedicated, well trained and caring practitioner of high integrity. I am very fortunate to have found her and love working with her.”

Ingrid A.

Transformation. Wellness. Empowerment.

Discover the healing modalities that bring to light the best in you.

How It Works