Narcissistic Abuse Counselor - Diane Klingaman


Diane has forty-plus years of training in multiple spiritual modalities.
Accreditations include:

  • Certified Master Full Spectrum Life Coach

  • Certified Usui Reiki Master teacher and practitioner

  • Certified Jikiden Traditional Japanese Reiki practitioner

  • Certified Quantum Touch™ teacher and practitioner
  • Certified Magnified Healing teacher and practitioner

  • Certified Melchizedek Method teacher and practitioner

Diane Klingaman SLCC

Diane was born with the gift of energetic sight and spiritual intuition, which she uses in her work along with certified practical training. She uses these skills to assist those who are struggling with emotional blocks and painful life experiences.

In addition to her decades of experience as a 5th generation Usui Reiki practitioner, Diane is a caring and understanding narcissistic abuse counselor. She specializes in assisting those who are struggling with narcissistic abuse, emotional trauma, depression and anxiety.

Diane’s work supports a healthy, holistic approach to self-healing and narcissistic abuse recovery. She understands on a deep level how difficult it is to find hope and positive direction when we feel we have tried everything, and nothing has worked.

A teacher and healer who has walked the talk, Diane’s life experiences and knowledge enable her to be a positive support to assist and guide you in your healing process. Diane is the most trusted narcissistic abuse counselor and Usui Reiki practitioner based in Princeton, MA and proudly serving Worcester County.


“I first met Diane several years ago. I sought out her expertise because I needed to move through a challenging situation in my life that was draining my life force energy.

Through Diane’s extraordinary efforts my energy began to increase, my stress and anxiety began to dissipate, and I became more balanced.

I still utilize Diane’s talents today to keep me in balance. She has an amazing gift and I am extremely grateful to have found her.”

— Linda V.

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