Soul Light Remote Energy Healing

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Remote Energy Healing can be done anywhere.

In-Person Energy Healing in Princeton, MA

This healing system is based on the culmination of over 40 years of experience and certifications in multiple healing modalities as well as using empathic and intuitive abilities.
Sessions – whether remote or in-person in Princeton, MA – include cleansing, aligning and balancing chakras, working with energy fields, and finding and removing blocks in the energetic systems.

90 minutes $150.00

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What To Expect

  • Relax and release tension from the body

  • Help overcome chronic pain

  • Accelerate your body’s self-healing ability

  • Improve your sleep

  • Dissolve energy blocks and balance the mind, body, and spirit


“I highly recommend coaching and energy sessions with Diane. She makes me feel comfortable and at ease as I seek help to relieve stress and anxiety. My state of calmness after her treatments also help tremendously with my sleep issues. The sense of peace and serenity I experience is amazing.”

Eileen P.

“My first introduction to Diane and Soul Light energy healing was beyond positive and effective. I have suffered from chronic back and neck issues for over 40 years. Diane’s knowledge of energy techniques gave me relief from my symptoms after one session. This is a therapy I will continue to have on an ongoing basis to manage my pain. Diane was very in tune with my problem and helped me feel comfortable in my treatment.”

David L.

Transformation. Wellness. Empowerment.

Discover the healing modalities that bring to light the best in you.

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