Spiritual Life Coach

Soul Light Holistic Healing provides spiritual life coach services in Princeton, MA. Our female holistic healer focuses on your wellness, giving you the opportunity to reflect on the spiritual direction in your life.

A female holistic healer provides guidance and support in understanding the desire you are feeling for deeper connection to life.

A spiritual life coach helps you to find and listen to your inner voice which leads to achieving spiritual wellness and reaching your highest potential.

It encourages you to evolve on all levels of your life path. Listening to your inner voice gives you the space needed to discover who you truly are.

90 minutes $150.00

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I’m Ready to Rise

What To Expect

  • Transform the longing for something more into a life of passion and joy

  • Create a more balanced sense of being

  • Enjoy a strong and authentic sense of who you are on a soul level

  • Experience a sense of inner bliss that isn’t dependent on outer circumstances

  • Tap into inner stillness and peace


“Authentic, compassionate, respectful, highly intuitive, and truly gifted: these are among the qualities that deeply move me each time I have the privilege of receiving healing sessions and spiritual mentoring from Diane. She is highly evolved, wise, and creates a safe and sacred space for her clients. Her heart and soul make her an ideal facilitator and practitioner, while her years of experience are “divine feathers in her cap.”

Fran G.

“Diane was very knowledgeable and professional and made me feel very cared for and supported. I would highly recommend her to others.”

Marlene D .

Transformation. Wellness. Empowerment.

Discover the healing modalities that bring to light the best in you.

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