Awakening to our spiritual self happens when a soul becomes aware of itself on some level in its human form. We often go through life on auto drive, driven by the ideas, norms, and concepts that have been instilled within us since childhood.

Our first concept of self was in how we identified with the outer world, through our need for food, warmth, touch, and most importantly love. All these essentials were put into place to allow our ego to identify with and to put into place the definition of what our personality would ultimately become through our life journey.

The awakening happens when suddenly we have a realization that there is something more within us underlying the life we are living. We often look outwards to the outer world to find the answers to the questions we seek, not quite sure what we are looking for. We yearn for truth and question everything we know, believing that there must be more to life then what we have been told.

We are a bright spark, a soul experiencing life through our human experience and our inner journey begins.

This is one of the first stages in our eyes opening wide to the many paths towards self-realization!

We join groups, take classes, meditate, do yoga, read spiritual books; the list is endless. We come into awareness during this awakening process. We begin to understand that the real seeker in this quest for answers is the higher self, that part of us that is devoid of ego.

In this awakened state we are directly connected to a higher intelligence; we are brought forward to inner reflection, and to the awareness we are more than just our body.